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The trump card takes to bluff your guests is Magic Mirror Photobooth. Good mood, friendliness, and sharing will be waiting for you, so don’t wait, go ahead.

By offering a fun and creative activity, it will bring your guests to each other and allow them to keep a beautiful memory of this unforgettable event. For a wedding, a birthday, a Christmas party, a retirement party, an office party, a prom, a baby shower, and many others events, we will be there , so relax and enjoy the moment.

Evennings & Events


Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, you want everything to be perfect, decoration, food, flowers, and … the photos, the ambience of course! You want originality, spark, show, and a splendid souvenir to offer your guests. Let Magic Mirror Photobooth operate, it will beautify your wedding, capture this unforgettable moment. You can enjoy the moment and live your dream.


Finally your birthday comes! You plan to celebrate by the traditional way as in past years? No, of course not! This is the perfect opportunity to have fun, for a sweet 16, a sweet 60 or not, the objective is to have a good time at any age. Nothing seen nor predictable, everything is invented in good mood. Magic Mirror Photobooth installed, the first picture taken, laughters became contagious, games, improvisations, and winks keep coming, the success is assured!!!

Christmas Party

You want your next office Christmas party be memorable, finish the year with a bang, have fun with your team? You want a nice souvenir to put between your cup of coffee and your computer on your desk? Magic Mirror Photobooth, is ideal to make your colleagues crazy, player, and relaxed, this party will be remembered, and archived for a long time!!!

Universities & Other Schools

Ah prom !!! A prom !!! Today is their day, let them become stars for a few hours and stars mean photos and even red carpet. Besides the beautiful memories they will certainly hang on the refrigerator, you will mark the occasion by offering a fun and festive event, which sets the tone of the evening. You will see them share complicit smiles, crazy faces, and so their last hours together will be magical and memorable. ( See our offers )

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